Business Development Representative

Austin, TX

What's the opportunity?

Go prospect searching, bring legitimate qualified leads to a demo with a senior Dispel member, and gather market/product intelligence for the team while doing it.

What will I be doing?

  • Conference attendance: booth manning, lead qualification, immediate follow up and initial meeting scheduling (by phone, email, and letter)

  • Attend networking events to build awareness with vendors and relationships prospective clients

  • Qualify passive inbound leads, and cover initial sales prospecting calls

  • Attend Dispel social events in various cities with new and existing clients

  • Cold outreach to targets

  • Collate RFI/RFP requirements by clients for completion with the rest of the Dispel team

  • Catalog questions and requirements from prospects

What are we looking for in you?

  • Self-driven and good expedition behavior: when you hit a new city to set up for a conference on a weekend, you'll be eager to be there and pick up any task that needs doing next.

  • Outgoing: you're the one who makes friends with the person next to you in line for coffee.

  • Curious: we're working on new technologies that solve age-old problems. You'll want to learn how it was done before, what we're doing that's different, and question why (and if!) the way we do it is better.

  • Ability to convey complex cybersecurity and engineering topics into plain English (and other local lingos).

  • Caretaking spirit for the leads you generate going all the way to being closed deals.

  • Strong listening: most of sales of not pushing a product. It's listening to what problems a client says they have, and coming up with a tailored, articlate way to solve their personal problem.

  • Optimistic: selling can be hard. Selling to jaded cybersecurity experts moreso sometimes.

  • Want to travel: you'll be getting on planes. A lot. Sometimes to far-flung places like Tokyo and Bahrain, sometimes to small towns in middle America. Join the Navy, see the world.

  • Work well with small teams: as with all tech companies, there's a flat organization here. Be prepared to do different things.

  • Growth mindset: you'll be given tasks you don't think you can handle. And then you'll learn how to tackle them, and excel.


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